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   Roasted Cob
 " Mexican Style"
     Roasted cob
"Smoky Lime Butter
   Roasted Cob
" Caribbean Style"

 The present day catering services has changed from the earlier times. In the present era, people avoid having heavy lunches.  Therefore The Great Canadian Cob is the perfect new innovation for a delicious tasty treat that will fulfill your appetite.

 We provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly and delicious addition to your next party, event or function. We can play a  supporting role as well as take the lead at your next special event with our professional services we ensure you celebrate the  function or an event with stress-free catering services and our service is unbeatable..  All the invited quests will enjoy a fresh  roasted cob and we will offer them many different variety of toppings to choose from. It is a fact that good food brings good  relations and that is one of our key elements is to meet and exceed our customer's needs in terms and quality of food and  excellence service but most important that there quests enjoy there experience and they have a unforgettable time with laughter,  fun, and great tasting food. We create the perfect Atmosphere for your event, we listen to your wants and needs, and then use  our expertise and innovation to customize everything specifically for you. We have the equipment and staff to travel to further  locations. Our point of difference is our customized Texas corn roaster machine that was specifically built to make the best  roasted corn on the cob.



Fresh Roasted Cob
   with Butter
Fresh Squeezed

    Roasted Canadian Cob Gourmet Catering At It's Best